Companies using Rami Services and Rami Resources high level of professionalism and expertise:

   Asea Brown Bovery - ABB Sakti Industry
   ABB Transmission & Distribution
   Akordia Venatama
   Amasis Capital Management Group Ltd
   Baguda Wear
   Bajra Mandalasakti
   CBC Bearings Company, Australia
   CBC Indonesia
   Container and Packaging Logistics Indonesia
   CG Xploration Inc.
   CNP International
   C & P Marine Indonesia
   Continental Geopetro (Bengara -II), Ltd
   Daemeter Consulting
   Elliott Geophysics
   Ferrier Hodgson
   Kimberly Clark Indonesia
   Novo Nordisk Indonesia
   Rolitrans International
   Rolitrans Indonesia
   Swiss Consulting

Many more individuals and companies also use Rami world-class services.


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