The overseas visa officer has the authority to issue a single entry visit visa or so called INDEX 211 to an applicant only upon approval from the Director General of Immigration in Jakarta, Indonesia or a designated Immigration Officer.

Government visit, which covers all aspects, related to government like:

    Other government with Indonesian government
    Individual with Indonesian government
    International organization with Indonesian government
    A private foreign organization/ body to Indonesian government

A Single Entry visit visa and or Socio Culture visa which includes various aspects:

  Visit to family members or relatives in Indonesia
   Visit social organization in the same field of endeavor
  Exchange visits between educational and training in Indonesia
  To give a lecture or join a non-commercial seminar/conference in social,
         cultural or governmental fields, with permission of a related agency /
         institution / department
  To discuss matters in the framework of trade transactions
  To make on the spot observations and to discuss
          trade commodities for the import-export business
  Business activity not engaged as an employee
   To join an international show/exhibition
  To join a meeting held by the head office or representative in Indonesia
  To discuss with Indonesian enterprises matters related to capital or
          commodity production by overseas enterprise
  To investigate possibilities for merchandising in the framework
         of capital investment with prospective partners in Indonesia
  To make a journalistic visit with the permission of
          a related agency/institution/department
  To make a film for non-commercial purposes with
         the permission of a related institution


    Index 211 is a single entry visit visa.
   Immigration Arrival stamp is 60 days calculated from the date of admission
          to Indonesia and can be extended while the foreigner is still in Indonesia.
   The extension will be held at local immigration office
          where the foreigner stays in Indonesia.
          The extension can be 4 X 30 days of each extension.
          So the maximum stay without going out of the country is 6 months.
          The extension should be done before the expiry date.
          Each day of lateness, Immigration´s surcharge will be USD $20.00/day.
    Within 48 hours of the foreigner´s arrival, the STM or Police report issued by
           local resort police should be applied for the foreigner


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