The working visa or so called index 312,  is a visa for the purpose of working. The duration of  working visa is vary from one month to 12 months depending on  the request of the company to employ the expatriate in Indonesia, and also it depends on the approval of confirmation letter from the Manpower Dept for the usage of the Expatriate. For short term work authorization (1 - 6 months), as soon as the RPTK is issued the company can directly pay the DPKK fee as per total months of the Expatriate utilization, and then apply for the IMTA/ Working permit.

For non-director position & long term work authorization (7 - 12 months), for applying the working visa, each expatriate the company is hiring,the company should appoint one national employee who will be a counterpart of the expatriate.

Prior to file the Working permit/ IMTA issued by the Manpower Department, the Skill & Development Fund fee or so called "DPKK fee"  (Dana Pengembangan Keahlian &
Ketrampilan) should be paid. The amount of DPKK fee is vary depending on the expatriate utilization. For 12 months Confirmation letter approval, the DPKK fee that should be paid is USD. 1200,-

For complete procedures, steps and time to consumes in processing the working visa, please double click the "Permit Process", and "Permit time lines".


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